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    What is Big Win?

    Big Win is an exciting trivia game that offers you the chance to win daily and annual cash rewards.

    Is Big Win open to players across the world?

    Big Win is currently only available to Celcom subscribers in Malaysia.

    Where can I download Big Win?

    Visit the App store or Google Play store.


    What are the eligibility criteria to play Big Win?
    1. You must be at least 18 years old
    2. You must be a Celcom user
    3. You must be a Big Win subscriber
    Can I play Big Win without subscribing?

    Yes, but you will not be eligible for the draws and tournaments. Big Win is offered in both Subscription Mode and Play Mode.
    Subscription Mode qualifies you for all draws. Play mode allows you to play for fun but you are not qualified to enter draws. 

    I played Big Win in Play Mode but now I really want to subscribe and win for real? Can I subscribe at this stage?

    Yes, you can but your eligibility for the draws will depend on your start date of the billing cycle. For more details on your subscription cycle and status, please contact customer care.

    How many draws and tournaments can I participate in?

    You can participate in everything on offer – daily draws and annual tournaments.

    Is there only one winner per daily draw?

    Yes, the daily draw prize is awarded to one winner.


    How do I play Big Win?

    You’re up against a dragon who loves playing tricky mind games. You are presented with the challenge to wiggle out of a labyrinth of trivia questions. Quick thinking and wit will be rewarded with gold. But you are not alone; you must outsmart other players. Every correct answer earns you gold; the more you hoard, the closer you inch towards the Circle of Champions to claim your reward.

    What is the Circle of Champions?

    Once you earn a certain amount of gold, you are granted entry into the prestigious Circle of Champions. Players in this golden league automatically qualify for the draws.

    How do I get extra gold?

    Complete all quests; they fetch you extra gold for almost no effort.

    Increase the difficulty level of questions – do this via your profile.

    How do I know when a draw is about to start?

    Regular notifications will keep you updated about draw dates and times.

    How many quiz categories are available?

    20 categories for now. And we’re working on adding many, many more!

    Can I keep playing within one category or just a few categories that I love?

    Yes. You can select your favorite categories and keep playing with them.

    Whom will I play with?

    You will be matched with other players available online.

    Can I play with friends and family?

    Yes! Send them an invite and earn more gold when they download, subscribe and play!

    How many draws can I enter?

    Big Win offers daily draws as well as quarterly and annual tournaments  As a subscriber, you are eligible to enter all of them.

    My internet connection dropped during the draw. What do I do?

    Sigh. That’s just bad luck and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to fix it.

    Please make sure you are always connected to the internet.


    How much cash can I actually win?

    Below is the cash prize slab:

    Daily Prizes

    1 lucky winner will say yay every day when they earn RM100.

    Annual Prize

    Most prized. Most wanted. The winner walks home with RM25,000. Second and third place winners get RM10,000 and RM5,500.

    How to claim your cash prizes?

    Daily Draw winners must download the Touch n Go Wallet app from Google Play or the App Store, sign up and enter the redemption code sent via SMS to credit their wallet.

    The annual tournament winners will be contacted by the Big Win Team to discuss prize collection details.


    How much does the subscription cost?

    Just RM1/day

    What happens if I cancel my subscription?

    You will lose all the gold you have collected and won’t be eligible for any of the draws and tournaments.

    Can I resubscribe after cancelling?

    You will have to wait 60 days before you can resubscribe.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    Send STOP to 28000 or email us on

    For further assistance, please contact customer care team.


    How do I contact customer care?